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4th-Mar-2012 12:44 pm - Anyone have a GoodReads account?
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Looking for kindred minds so I can see what books you can recommend me :).

Here's mine: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7090099-thao
Super Lovers
Anyone read this series before? I must say this is an EPIC EPIC series. Read the first two book within a week. It's a fantasy/adventure genre with gay romance in it (though I do warn you it is not romance focused; it just has the elements of gay romance in it).

God it was so worth it reading up to book 2. I won't spoil it but IT WAS DEFINITELY WORTH IT. For Alec and Seregil <3.

I'm reading book 3 right now. Reading reviews for book 4 it doesn't seems to have a lot of good reviews. Skimming through it I can see why and I'm tempted to stop after I finish book 3.

Anyone read up to book 4? I have a wary feeling of rape in book 4 and I just can't bare to see Alec or Seregil go through it. If you have read book 4 let me know?
26th-Dec-2011 11:15 pm - Gay Novels?
Super Lovers

A while back I did ask for people to share their gay novels and I've been reading quite a lot of it and now my resources are running dry. Lovely thanks (especially to Dthnix) for sharing her big collection with me and Rika for giving me more.

Does anyone else have more gay novels they can share with me? I'm more than happy to share my collection with them as well. I'm not really interested in BL novels (i.e. Japanese BL novels).

Homo Erotica Novels are most welcome :). (I don't like rape though so none of those stories please).

25th-Dec-2011 12:12 am - Fuck I need to Rant
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Spoilers Alert don't read if you haven't read Desert Sons series yet. Courtesy to Rika that I was able to get these two books.

God I'm so absolutely piss and mortified right now. I read book 1 of Desert Sons and LOVE IT. The intense feelings of Scoot and Ryan was absolute perfect and Scott proven time and time again how he had step up to the plate and save Ryan from nearly ultimate demise.

BOOK 2 I'M ABSOLUTE ENRAGE AT HOW HE PORTRAYS SCOTT. Not only has Scott lost all his charms HE BAILED ON RYAN BY CHEATING ON HIM WITH A DIFFERENT GUY CAUSE HE CRAVES SEX. Ryan grandmother die which slips into a deep depression and hes trying to fight it. INSTEAD OF SUPPORTING HIM SCOTT GOES AND CHEATS ON HIM. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPY WITH THIS 360 PERSONALITY CHANGE. In book 1 he went out of his way to help Ryan deal with his past about his parents death and his abusive relationship and actually got Ryan to open up. HE SHOULD UNDERSTAND BY NOW HOW EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE RYAN IS AND HE HAD HELP SAVE RYAN. But now? He BAILS ON HIM AND CHEATS ON HIM!? FUCK I'M ABSOLUTELY PISS.


20th-Dec-2011 12:48 am - Bliss Project Update
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Been getting lots of emails/concerns which is probably warranted considering I haven't released anything in a while. So to answer a couple of questions: No we're not dead. Fall semester been heavy and drained most of my time from scanlations but I am back for winter break to play catch up. You can expect something for Christmas/New Years.

No we haven't dropped any projects. It will be announced if it is.

No I am not picking up Zone-00. No we're not doing volume 2 of Black Sun. It is licensed. Go buy it when it is released.

Projects update for those whose been incessantly asking about xxx project. I will also list what is needed. If you want to speed it up apply to help out. (Note: Anything that needs QC is not a position you can apply for as I QC everything).

Akatoki no Yami: It is under way. Jointed with Ochibichan.
Barakamon: Most of up to v04 is translated/cleaned. Need typesetter. Behind due to proofreading. It is hard to "countrycize" the language. Most likely we won't be doing that for further chapters in order to speed this up.
Bokura no Kiseki: v02 is being translated. Half of it is done. Will probably release some for the New Years release.
Boushiya Ellipsis: SiH has disbanded. This project needs a translator & editor. If not it will/may be dropped.
Coda: v02 will be scanned and translation will start. Need cleaner & typestter.
Cucumber Sandwhich: All is done. Needs to be QCed. As of now there is no v02.
Flat: v05 is on hiatus. Will resume project once New Years release is over. Needs translator & editor.
Hakkenden: translation up to v05. Needs editors.
Hi no Kagtsuchi: Translation up to v01. Needs translator & editors.
Hi no Matoi: Translation up to v01. Editing in progress.
Ilegenes: Last three chapters need to be translated. Cleaning fully done. Waiting for translation to finish for typesetting.
Kimi to Boku: Translation up to v09. Needs editors.
Ransetsuki: Needs cleaners.
Translation done. Cleaning in progress. Need typesetter.
Samrai Drive: Translation up to v02 is done. Cleaning of v02 half way done. Need typesetter.
Tokaido HISAME ~Kagerou~: Translation is done. Cleaning is done. Need typesetter.
Tsumi to Bachi: Translation v01 done. Jointed with Ochibichan.
Tsuzuki wa Mata Ashita: Needs translator. Might be dropped if not.
Working Holiday: First two chapter of v02 translated. Need editor.

Boys Love
Corsair Drama CD: v01 is half done. Proofreading is still needed. Needs proofreader.
Corsair Egeitsu: Main story is done. Last two chapters needs translator.
Deadlock: Translator says 3 chapters of it will be coming in shortly. Needs proofreader. STOP ASKING ABOUT IT!!!!!
Junjou: Half of v03 translation are done.
Kare Otokoi ni Izumi wo: v02 is currently being translated.
Komatta: v16 is currently being translated. Looking for more translator to help out. Needs editors.
Lucky Number 13:
v02 has been ordered. Hiatus currently.
Merry-Go-Round: Completed. Needs to be QCed.
Otona Gokko: Needs translator. Most of it is cleaned.
Super Lovers: Needs typesetter.
Taiyou no Romance: Fully translated (yes all 5 volumes). Needs editors.
Teikoku Kyoudai: v04 completed. Needs QCed. Needs editors.
Warui Ko no Tame no Wasuremono Techou: May possibly be dropped. Ch02 is done. Needs translator/editor.

I won't be listing the progress of future projects. All of them are being worked on one way or another since I don't list future projects until any type of work progress have been done on them.

You can either email us: Bliss.Scanlations@gmail.com or leave a comment if you want to apply to help out anything.
14th-Dec-2011 11:14 pm - Kindle Touch
Super Lovers
Been a very long time. Life has been so busy. Anyways yes I got the kindle touch for about 3 weeks now and I must... It's one of the best thing I have ever bought in my life!! I absolutely love it. I don't go a day without reading something from it. I'm very glad I bought it and I highly recommend it to anyone even if you're not an avid read. Trust me, I'm not avid reader and I hardly read anything besides text book until I got the kindle. Now I read everyday. So I really think getting a kindle is perfect even if you don't read much, you will once you buy it :). It makes a great x-mas present too!

So here my review on it. Basically the controls for the kindle touch is extremely easy to figure out. You have a power button and a button in the bottom middle that lets you go back to the main menu. Tap the middle part of the kindle to turn a page. Tap the left side to turn back a page. Tap the top to bring up the menu and options. Simple, easy. What I really like about the Kindle too is that if there's a word you don't understand just tap on that word and hold it and the definition of it will appear after 2 or so seconds. You can also highlight sentences, add notes ect ect.

Anyways the Kindle change me from disliking reading books to not having enough books to read. I strongly encourage parents to get them for their kids. I'm sure it will motivate them to read more. I only regret that I did not get this sooner when I was young or I would have develop a much better vocabulary.
16th-Nov-2011 10:37 pm - Turning Older...
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Well its that time of year again that I always dread... Turning me older. I should start lying about how old I'm turning especially when I'm in a classroom full of freshman and I'm like a super senior...

Had an eventful day. We went out to eat at Cheesecake Factory which I found to be not all that appetizing. Besides the cheesecake the rest of the food was pretty average for the prices they were chargining, honestly.

Normally I would've planned a big release or something but I've been so busy I haven't had time to even touch scanlation in a while. I got some Birthday money which I will gladly put towards buying books for my Kindle Touch. I'm so excited to get it~!

Have big plans these coming week for Thanksgiving and such.

Well I suppose that's it for today. Been a while since I posted anything either (barely any time to do anything!).

Rika made me this pic. It's so cute! I love it!
8th-Nov-2011 01:45 pm - Which Kindle to get?
Super Lovers
So Original kindle, kindle touch, or kindle keyboard? Which one is best to get? Opinions?
6th-Nov-2011 12:42 am - Anyone have a Kindle?
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I'm thinking about getting a Kindle as a gift to me for my Birthday. Anyone have a kindle? Would anyone recommend me it? I'm not exactly sure what kind of Kindle I want. I just want one so that I can read books.
3rd-Nov-2011 10:19 pm - Maurice by E.M. Forster
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Its been a while, I daresay a long while, since I picked up a novel (an actual novel) and read it. I just finished Maurice by E.M. Forster. I was inspired to read this book after watching the movie and I must say the book is much much better than the book.

The book is about a man's life from his childhood to adulthood, Maurice. He is what back then people considered an "illness" homosexual and he pass his life as he struggle with his homosexuality

The novel is not romantic oriented. Rather it goes deals with the struggle that Maurice face with his homosexuality due to public pressure and persecution. Forster is pretty insightful describing the predicaments Maurice has to go through being a homosexual. This book should garner much more attention like his other works.

Anyways great read.

"We shan't be parted no more"
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